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Reverse osmosis water demineralizers

Water demineralizer reverse osmosisn the demineralizers of the IDRO RO series the principle of reverse osmosis is used in the best possible way for important applications. The devices of the IDRO RO series produce first quality demineralized water in a fashion fully automated and guaranteed in time. Full automation, the use of the most reliable components and of established and safe technologies make the devices of the IDRO RO series perfectly meet the stringest requirements of water production for both industrial (e.g., the chemical industry) and civil (e.g.. drinking-water production) use.

Their complete equipment features among others:

  • a 5 micron filter
  • the anti-precipitant automatic dosage
  • the stainless steel skid
  • the complete instrumentation
  • the control display, for automatic and safe operation

reverse osmosis water purifierThese devices are grouped in three families, depending on the specific requirements: IDRO RO St – IDRO RO Low Energy – IDRO RO DPS.


The devices of the IDRO RO St family are the most commonly used. They are equipped with membranes with the highest salt rejection (99.5%) and permits production of extremely pure demineralized and sterile water.


The devices of the IDRO RO Low Energy family are equipped with membranes that guarantee the minimal salt residue in the outlet stream. They are ideal for drinking water production out of sea- or polluted waters. These devices may be installed in containers, on carts, or in transportable drinking-water production plants to face all sorts of emergency situations.

reverse osmosis water demineralizer

The devices of the IDRO RO DPS family are equipped with a dual-stage reverse osmosis unit. They are ideal for water production with very low conductivity (up to 1-3µS/cm, depending on the treated water characteristics).


Demineralizer IDRO RO Brochure

Water demineralizer as Reverse Osmosis Serie IDRO RO
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Technical characteristics demineralizer using reverse osmosis

IDRO RO Standard demineralizer

dimineralizzatore reverse osmosis IDRO RO Stamdard

Performance data refer to a feed water containing 1.500 ppm NaCl at 15°C. Performance may change to meet special quality requirements. Higher capacity devices are manufactured on customer’s request. Average NaCL rejection with 60% recovery: 98% (standard devices), 97.5% (Low Energy devices)

IDRO RO Standard Low Energy demineralizer

dimineralizzatore reverse osmosis IDRO RO Stamdard Low Energy

IDRO RO DPS demineralizer

dimineralizzatore reverse osmosis IDRO RO DPS