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Reverse osmosis and electrodeionization water demineralizer

The demineralizers of the Galileo series are based on the innovative principle of electro-deionization (EDI) – shown in the scheme – that permits production of extremely pure water without using chemicals.

In the devices of the Galileo series, water undergoes two sequential demineralization treatments: water is first treated by reverse osmosis (a dual stage treatment in some devices) with an average 99.5% salt rejection; then, water is treated by  electro-deionization. In this process, a mixed bed of cationic/anionic ion-exchange resins is used that are continuously regenerated by means of an electrical field. The scheme shows that the EDI unit is equipped with an outlet for demineralized water and a drain for concentrated salt water, that  is recycled back to the reverse osmosis unit inlet.

The produced demineralized water attains purity values with a resistivity of up to 18,3 MW/cm (equal to a conductivity of 0,056 µS/cm).

Water demineralizer using reverse osmosis and electrodeionization

reverse osmosis ion-exchange water demineralizer demineralized water using reverse osmosis and ion-exchange reverse osmosis and ion-exchange


reverse osmosis and electrodeionization

      Technical characteristics

dimineralizers modelsThe whole range of demineralizers of the Galileo series is shown in the table.
The devices of the Galileo SP series are equipped with a single-pass reverse osmosis unit.