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Demineralizer Series M




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Serie M
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Single-column demineralizer with interchangeable resins

Water demineralizer ad Reverse Osmosis e ElettrodeionizzazioneThe water demineralizers of the M series represent the simplest and most practical solutions to inexpensively produce high quality demineralized water. The devices of the M series do not take up much space, are inexpensive, and easy to use. The model M 4 also resists up to 1,5 bar).
The column contains high exchange capacity strong cationic and anionic resins, suitably treated and mixed to produce high purity water (average conductivity  0,2 µs/cm).

When the resins are exhausted , the cartridge may be regenerated in two different ways:

  • by replacing the resins in the column, with fresh resins provided in sealed sacks
  • by replacing the entire column. The exhausted column may be shipped to our laboratory where it is accurately regenerated. (Regeneration of the disposable M4 demineralizer requires the column substitution).

The devices of the M series are available in 6 different capacities (M4, M 9, M 12, M 20, M 30, M 50) and in 3 versions:

  • provided with a connections kit and a sampling valve, without conductivity meter
  • provided with a two-LED conductivity meter
  • provided with a digital conductivity meter (not for the M4).

On request, conductivity meters for remote signalling and/or unusual power supplies (e.g., 24/115/230 Vac and 12 Vcc) may be installed on working machines.


Demineralizer Series M Brochure

Single column water demineralizer Series M
PDF Demineralizer single column Series M



      Technical characteristics

demineralizers models

Max. Pressure: 5 bar (M4: 1,5 bar)
Produced water purity: average 0,5 µS/cm (2MΩ/cm)
Device characteristics and operating conditions may change if deemed necessary to improve their quality.