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Osmodemi water purification units using reverse osmosis and ion-exchange

These water purifiers use a combination of reverse osmosis and ion-exchange which permit the production of extremely pure water (average conductivity 0,2 µS/cm) with low capital costs.

water purifiers using reverse osmosis and ion-exchangeAfter a pre-filter (and in some versions a pump), water flows through one or more reverse osmosis membranes and then through a cartridge containing cationic/anionic resins suitably mixed to guarantee the highest water purity.

Different from the Simplex versions, the Standard demineralizers are equipped with a 9 liter pressurized accumulation tank which makes it possible to drain simple osmotic water. This type of water is sterile, has a low conductivity, and may be used directly in many important applications without further treatment through the mixed resin cartridge. This extends the cartridge average operating lifetime.

The devices of the Osmodemi Standard series are suitable for analytical and teaching laboratories, or research centers. The devices of the OSMODEMI Simplex series are suggested for industrial applications. A UV-C light sterilizer and a 0.2 micron filter may be installed downstream from the mixed resin cartridge, if needed.


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