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Production program

Idrotecnica, in order to meet the demands of the market, separetes its production into:

Standard plants and devices for water demineralization at ion exchange, by reverse osmosis and filtration: in the main cases Idrotecnica is able to offer the ideal solution for the customer's needs thanks to the more of 110 available standard equipment, giving the advantages of the standard production: prompt response times and competitive costs from economies of scale.
Custom-made systems designed to meet the customer's specific needs, drawing on the heritage of our achievements from standard production.

Idrotecnica's knowhow – acquired from producing thousands of standard products and hundreds of custommade systems – allows Idrotecnica to propose the best solution for each customer, in terms of technology, reliability and running costs. Sectors served by Idrotecnica are those that need water that is purified, demineralized, or with a specific level of salinity – in particular for:

• Desalination and production of drinking water from brackish or sea waters
• Production of cosmetics
• The chemicals/gas sector
• Boiler feeds, evaporation towers, turbines
• Water production for scientific laboratories
• Washing and other industrial applications
• Anywhere where demineralized water, or water with reduced salinity, is required

Customers and clients
Systems and equipment are installed all over the world, for clients within the following categories:
• Engineering companies
• Companies that make "turnkey" equipment and systems that call for demineralized water, where they have found in Idrotecnica – for its reliability and internationalization – the ideal partner
• Partner companies in the water treatment sector
• Large end user companies in the industrial sectors mentioned before
• Drinkable water for resort, hotels, etc.



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