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Pure water makers Osmodemi series

The Osmodemi series of pure water makers presents the simplest and quickest systems for producing demineralized water with very low conductivity. The models in the Osmodemi series offer:
• pre-filtration
• demineralization by reverse osmosis
• a polishing cartridge using mixed resins
The water coming out of the mixed resin cartridge has an average conductivity of 0,5 μs/cm.

Osmodemi St models are ideal for scientific applications (testing laboratories, etc) because of the 10-litre pressurized tank (higher capacities are available) and the ability to withdraw demineralized water.

Osmodemi Ind models are ideal for industrial applications. Their electronic control unit with the largest generation LCD display panel allows you to display the conductivity of the water being produced and the status of the machine (at any moment in any of six languages – Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish). It is also possible to have an autostop function and signal when the mixed resin cartridge is exhausted.

Osmodemi Simplex models provide the easiest and most economical way to produce high-purity demineralized water. The conductivity meter has 2 LEDs connected to a battery; up to model Osmodemi 12 Simplex no electrical supply is required.


Delivery of treated water

Cumulative capacity

Power of typeDimensions
 lt / hlt w x d x h (cm)
Osmodemi 5 St510230 vac - 10 w50x73x2128,5x39,2
Osmodemi 10 St1010230 vac - 10 w50x73x2128,5x39,2
Osmodemi 15 St1510230 vac - 10 w50x73x2128,5x39,2
Osmodemi 40 St4010230 vac - 250 w55x127x3826x40
Osmodemi 60 St6010230 vac - 450 w55x127x3826x40
Osmodemi 130 St13010230 vac - 450 w55x127x3826x40
Osmodemi 30 Ind30optional*230 vac - 250 w50x77x36/
Osmodemi 60 Ind60optional*230 vac - 450 w55x127x38/
Osmodemi 130 Ind130optional*230 vac - 450 w55x127x38/
Osmodemi 8 Simplex8optional*battery 9 V50x73x21/
Osmodemi 12 Simplex121optional*battery 9 V50x73x21/

OD 40 60 130 St


Osmodemi 5 - 15 St


Control panel Osmodemi IND


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