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Reverse osmosis and Electrodeionization water demineralizer Galileo series

The demineralizers of the Galileo series are based on the innovative principle of electro-deionization (EDI) that permits production of extremely pure water without using chemicals.

In the devices of the Galileo series, water undergoes two sequential demineralization treatments: water is first treated by reverse osmosis, sometimes a double pass, with an average 99.5% salt rejection; then, water is treated by electro-deionization.

In this process, a mixed bed of Cationic/Anionic ion-exchange resins is used that are continuously regenerated by means of an electrical field.

The scheme shows that the EDI unit is equipped with an outlet for demineralized water and a drain for concentrated salt water, that is recycled back to the Reverse Osmosis unit inlet.

The produced demineralized water attains purity values with a resistivity of up to 18,3 MW/cm (equal to a conductivity of 0,056 ┬ÁS/cm).

Galileo DP 5000
Galileo DP 5000


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